Neal Lewis

Sunset From Timber Hollow Overlook

Sunset From Timber Hollow Overlook

You will find many beautiful photos on display throughout the cottage of birds.  The featured artist is a resident of Luray and his work can be found in ads for Luray and the Shenandoah National Park.  He is known not only for his patience in capturing the birds of the valley but for his ability to rise in the wee hours of the morning and capture the dramatic sunrise over the magnificent mountains from various overlooks on Skyline Drive.  Neal Lewis' work is breathtaking and I encourage you to view more of his photography.  Below is a link to Shenandoah National Park where you can find more.


Cathie Miranda~ Pottery Lady

One of the first purchases we made for our cottage was from local artist Cathie Miranda. We felt we needed functional art incorporated into the decor. And we wanted it to be something different!
I first met Cathie while taking an art class at the local community college here in Luray. It was such a pleasure to have art class with her. She is an amazing artist, and encouraged me along the way to have fun with it. She is positive, wears a huge welcoming smile all the time, and enjoys laughing. One day she showed up to class with one of her finished pottery projects. I loved it! I’ve been keeping up with her ever since. Cathie has held workshops for the children at the local summer art camp. They have also fallen in love with her and making pottery. If you have the chance to meet Cathie I guarantee you’ll walk away happy and wearing a smile.

Cathie will be set up at the Page County Heritage Festival October 11, 2015

Cathie Miranda Pottery Lady
317 East Main Street
Luray, VA 22835

Seasons of the Valley Artist Eileen Carlock

On Display in the living room of Mountain Meadow Cottage are four spectacular pictures, taken by artist Eileen Carlock, each of the same scene during each of  the four seasons of the valley. She has photography on display in Luray, at the Warehouse Art Gallery. If you are a civil war buff you’ll find many moving pictures taken from the reenactments. An adventurer, she hiked to many waterfalls in the Shenandoah National Park and captured their beauty for you to take home and enjoy. To know Eileen is to know a life full of energy and love. Her work expresses every bit of her personality and we hope you will enjoy it as much as we do. It seemed fitting to have her work in our cottage. Luray, Virginia is your four season recreation destination and our cottage is available year round so that you can explore them all. Below is Eileen’s biography. You’ll find more on her website

Eileen Carlock is originally from Rockville, Maryland. She studied advertising, graphic design, computer science and photography at the University of Maryland. She worked for many national corporations during her 10-year career as a computer graphic artist, however, after moving to Luray, Virginia in 1998, she returned to photography. This enabled her to stay home with her children while reinventing her career.
She credits her early interest in photography to her mother who instilled a passion for recording. Eileen is most well-known for her Waterfalls of The Shenandoah National Park collection which gained regional attention after appearing in The Washington Post’s Sunday source section last year.
Digital photography is a way to combine her computer graphics background with her photographic skills: She often overlays digitally transparent images in her art. Many of Carlock’s photographs are rich in light and vibrant color, however, her recent photography project, called The American Civil War, is primarily black & white and some sepia tones.
Her interest in our country’s history was inspired by her father who passed away last year. She honored his memory in one of her photos by digitally including him as a Union General. She attended her first battle reenactment as a photographer, but quickly became a participant in reenactments throughout the valley. She dressed in period clothing often hiding camera equipment in the hoops of her skirt. This allowed her to get closer to her subject matter and experience the energy in battle.
Carlock currently has work on display at The Art Group in Mount Jackson, The National Warehouse Center for the Arts, The BB&T Center for the Performing Arts and The Main Street Bakery in Luray, Virginia.